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Guestpass Plugin

—- plugin —- description: Share your protected pages using guestpass links that expire. author : Michael Landis email : mvlstudio-j@yahoo.com type : syntax lastupdate : 2009-05-04 compatible : 2008-05-05 depends : acl conflicts : similar : tags : guestpass

(work in progress)

What does it do?

This is similar to functionality available on flickr that lets you share your private photos with your friends without making them login. When you send your friends and relatives a guestpass, they can follow the link directly to your post without having to login. Eventually this link will expire.

Once the link is followed by your friends, they will be able to register if they like and they can optionally get immediate access to configured groups because they were traveling on the guestpass.


  • This plugin has not been extensively tested and could potentially not behave the way you want or expect it to.
  • If you wish visitors traveling on a guestpass to be able to Login or Register themselves, you must edit your template to treat the guestpass user as not logged in. Example: context.php


Use the following link in the plugin manager or to download the plugin manually.

How does it work?

The plugin works with namespaces that are protected with ACL groups.

Create a guestpass user who has access to the namespace you wish to create guestpasses for. Visitors traveling on a guestpass will be auto-magically logged in as this user.

Log in with a user who has access to a protected namespace. Create a page and add a guestpass link on it using the following syntax:


The guestpass link will display as “Share This Page”. Now anyone who has access to the page will be able to generate a guestpass URL for the page by clicking the link. A guestpass is actually created as a separate page in a namespace. The create date of the page is used to calculate when the guestpass will expire. This page is displayed when the link is followed and displays the following information about the guestpass:

  • Guest Pass For: “Page Title”
  • The guest pass link
  • The expiration date
  • A link back to your page.

When one of your friends follows the guestpass link, they will be logged in as the guestpass user. *If you wish to prevent them from modifying the guestpass user, we have to add a bit of code to the template to treat this user differently.


Be sure to read the Known Limitations and Caveats section before asking questions here.

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