China 2000

Finally managed to dig out these pics from a trip to China that I had the privilege to go on in 2000. I have been meaning to get them back up for awhile now. We had an amazing journey and a lot of fun.


Highlights of the trip

  • Fresh Pulled Noodles in the Xi'An market
  • Pow Mua (sp?) soup in the Muslim quarter of Xi'An (More garlic and broth please)
  • Shopping for silk
  • Watching people dodge traffic
  • Wearing my winter jacket indoors
  • Peking Duck
  • Riding in a swarm of bikes in Kunming
  • Seeing the sun for the first time in a week in LiJiang
  • Crashing a funeral outside of LiJiang while on a bike ride.
  • Naxi Pancakes
  • Pork cooked in bamboo, black rice served in a pineapple
  • Evading officials and finding refuge at Sean's Guest House at Tiger Leaping Gorge.
  • Taking the upper trail at Tiger Leaping Gorge
  • Spending the night at a Naxi farmhouse whose gracious occupants put us up for the night
  • Taking a bath at Jim's Peace Cafe in Dali
  • Eating a Tibetan feast prepared by Jim's mother (including Yak meat)
  • Watching a 3 year old girl shoot a mortar at a bus during chinese new year
  • Dinner with the Swiss
  • Riding in a sleeper car on a train
  • Lizards on a stick
  • Sharing this experience with 3 of my favorite people on earth, Arnon, Leo and Jasmine.

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