DIY MP3 Radio

My secret santa for X-Mas 2009 was my Grampa Kriete. I thought it would be cool to make him a DIY Radio/MP3 Player pre-loaded with a bunch of songs he liked and also a bunch of songs I've played on.


Eventually settled on this circuit which worked out very well:


One cool thing about the circuit is that it can be powered using a recycled PC Computer power supply. In addition to powering the amp, it can be rigged up as a USB power charger, and also power a cpu fan which cools the TDA1554 chip. So not only is this thing a radio, it is also a charging station for anything USB.

The amplifier parts were mounted in a clementine box which can be seen in the pics. The clementine box was eventually velcro'd inside a decorative box from Hobby Lobby which has a pair of pawn shop JBL car stereo speakers mounted in both sides. At the top of the box is a sheet metal control panel which accesses 4 USB charging ports, the mp3 player/radio and a big on/off switch for power.

I only have pictures and video from before the final radio was assembled.



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