This guitar is still hypothetical

What to do with 3 dimarzio tapped stratocaster pickups? What would be a good way to prototype for alternate wiring possibilities on a stratocaster? What if we put these pickups on a modified jazzmaster body? (This would work on a strat also but jazzmasters are awesome!) Hmmm…


  • Individual Pickup selection for each pickup with coil tap option
  • Phase switches for bridge and neck pickups
  • 5-way super switch controls series/parallel combinations

Switch Details

Individual Pickup Selection

3 mini-toggles located on the upper bout control each pickup. Each toggle has 3 positions, off, tapped, and full-on.

Pickup Orientation

A strat-style 5-way switch located on the lower body in the control area is used to determine series/parallel orientation. The 5 options on this switch include all possible combinations for the 3 pickups in the following order (neck/middle/bridge):

  • PPP
  • SSP
  • SPS
  • PSS
  • SSS

…where the standard strat neck position equals all parallel, and the standard strat bridge position equals all series.

Phase Switches

2 phase switches are located on the lower bout and are used to reverse phase of the neck and bridge pickups respectively.

Parts List

This parts list assumes the body and neck will be finished by me, instead of Warmoth.

Body SSS Routing,Swamp Ash$180.00
Warmoth Modified Mustang BridgeWMB1C Chrome $47.50
J-Master TremoloJMT1C $55.00
Pickguard pickups=SSS, controls=custom, bridge=jazzmaster$40.00
Vintage Modern Strat (non-CBS headstock) Maple, Rosewood fingerboard, routed Planet Waves, LSR Roller Nut, Profile = C$175.00 + $45.00
LSR Roller NutLSR $40
Planet Waves TunersPWLC6 inline, chrome, locking, autotrim$62.00
Stain ~$10.00
Lacquer ~$10.00
5-way Super Switch $25.00
DPDT on-on-on minitoggles x 3 ~$25.00
DPST minitoggles x 2 ~$15.00
Volume Pot 500K Audio Taper~$5.00
Tone Pot 500K Linear Taper~$5.00
Tone Capacitor 0.47uF~$5.00
Volume Bypass Capacitor 0.01uF~$5.00
Est. Total$744.50


bridge: DP403 middle: DP402 neck: DP410 Ver.2.2



Andrew Landis, 2009/01/14 03:08

wow i am so behind the times here i just was turned on to this blog i cant believe i hadnt been at it sooner! this is awesome jazzmaster are the coolest!

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