Messing Around with Dokuwiki

So far we have installed the latest dokuwiki, and added the blog plugin. Our plan for this site is to enable a public and protected blog with discussions. We have changed the default template to one that uses a sidebar for better navigation. This template needs to be customized and we need to do a whole bunch of stuff to make this thing look more like “HinterSphere” (whatever that may be).

The goal with all of this public and protected stuff is to enable protected stuff to be accessible to people we know - family and friends. Here's the kind of stuff we have in mind…

  • Providing family updates
  • Publishing various music projects
  • Keeping in touch with our family, colleagues and friends


  • Change the colors to ones that we like more.
  • Finish tweaking templates ( I would prefer left justified text blocks)

UPDATE - 4/1/2007

  • Added ~~nocache~~ to the internal blog screen, which should fix the issue that occurs when you view the tab, then login, and then the page has not updated with the logged in content. Sorry to everyone who was experiencing that.

UPDATE - 3/17/2007

  • Added discussion plugin
  • Configured public and protected areas with ACLs on groups for registered users.
  • Switched to “minima” template - could still use some tweaking.
  • Installed new logo as header graphic
  • Installed gallery plugin for managing images.
  • Found a simple way to stream mp3 (for a small number of clients)


Steve Landis, 2007/02/19 01:28

I’m here

Barbara Landis, 2007/02/19 03:58

Sign me up!

Michele Landis, 2007/02/23 19:32

I’m here too! Getting a web cam soon...logitech from ebay ordered on wednesday

barb, 2007/03/18 22:55

Is the update date on your latest entry supposed to be 3/17/2007? instead of 2006?

mike, 2007/03/19 18:48

alright, i have an editor now :) yes it is.

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