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Making A Blog Entry

This page can be printed out for reference (as can any other page on this site).


First, if you have images to upload, prepare them. Resize them to 500 pixels wide and save them for web. This is relatively simple to do with Adobe Photoshop and other image manipulation software, however this topic is blown up into it's own guide. I'll gloss over it for now.

Create a Name

Start your blog entry by creating a unique name for it in the box at the bottom of the internal blog screen…


Adding Text

Now, create some text for your entry - it can be as long or as short as you like…


Adding Images

Click on the “Add Images and other files” icon - you can see which one I'm talking about…


Browse your hardrive for an image that you want to upload. Images must be uploaded one at a time.

This is the tricky part, when you upload the very first image create a namespace for all of the images to be included in this post. A “namespace” is just like a folder.

No convention is enforced by the system, however I would like to stick with “yyyymmdd-1” which represents the date and a unique number of your choice. The example here just uses the date. Do this by prepending the image filename in the textbox you see highlighted. Separate the “namespace” from the image name using a single colon ”:”.

Click the upload button to upload your first image.


The file was successfully uploaded, and you can see that the new namespace was created. If you continue to upload images from this point they will automatically go into the new namespace.

Let's upload another image, click the browse button again…

This time, do not prepend the filename with anything, you can go ahead and upload it.

This one was successful too and it has been uploaded to the same namespace (20070304). Keep uploading photos until your finished.

When you're done close the image uploading dialogue. Now we have to tell our blog entry about the photos. We do this using a special tag called “gallery”. The format is,


Make an entry following the example…

Adding Tags

You can add tags to your entry. These are predefined categories in which your entry will show up automatically. We are maintaining a list of tags on this page. Multiple tags are separated by spaces.

Preview And Save

Click the preview button and make sure your page looks the way you want it to, you can continue making changes until it looks ok…

Then click the save button to save it.

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