Christmas Fishing 2008

Christmas fishing again, this time with Captain Rick Muldrow out of Yankeetown. We had a great time drifting grassbeds for trout and came home with a bunch ready to fry up. Delicious.

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Big Apple Nostalgia

Mick called me yesterday or the day before as his car was heading into Manhattan from the Brooklyn/Queens side of things. He was listening to the radio and a bluegrass version of Hey You by Pink Floyd came on the radio. It was a nice gesture and reminded me that I had to upload some of these pictures. When you leave a place you've lived for awhile you miss the people that you knew the most. Also, the place itself lives in my mind in the same manner of someone loved deeply who is no longer around.


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Forays into GarageBand

Last weekend decided to see if I could get some decent simple drum sounds out of my Mac. Cubase requires an external midi device but GarageBand has this pop-up keyboard that maps to the actual computer keyboard. Setting = Rock Drums or something. Had this idea floating around for sometime, and I have not quite been able to communicate the actual feel of the idea. This was the big opportunity… and here is the first mix:


This one is in the spirit of the great masters of afropop.

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This guitar is still hypothetical

What to do with 3 dimarzio tapped stratocaster pickups? What would be a good way to prototype for alternate wiring possibilities on a stratocaster? What if we put these pickups on a modified jazzmaster body? (This would work on a strat also but jazzmasters are awesome!) Hmmm…

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