Frequently Asked Questions

How can I keep up with your site?

Follow the link to subscribe and you will be able to stay connected through the RSS Feed (Now with human readable links 8-) ). Registered users will also see InnerSphere entries in the list automatically.

Why register?

Friends and Family members can register and get access to internal content. This is where we post family pictures and other stuff that should remain private for the general population.

Registered friends and family can also publish their own entries which show up on the InnerSphere.

How do I register?

Follow the link to Login, which is located on the side bar to the right. At the bottom of the screen is a link to register. Fill out the form and submit it. Once you are registered, you'll have to wait for an Administrator to identify you and give you internal access to the site.

How do I make my own entries?

Registered users can now post by email… Or follow this link to see a Step By Step Guide for Making a Blog Entry

How do I prepare images for the web?

This link explains how to Prepare Images for the Web with 4 popular and available software tools.

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